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Can I get some request?

2009-02-28 00:25:13 by tsunami334

Man I feel like Dirty Jobs. I need you guys to give me song request I'm running out of ideas :P

If you want the song as fast as possible send me/post a link to the MIDI of that song. How does one get a MIDI you ask? Just type in the name of the song then type MIDI next to the name. (EX. "Ask The Lonely MIDI")

Thank you for your help.


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2009-04-01 15:17:51

Thanks i know how you do your 8-bits now i can do it, cannot find flo rida right round midi, you try look and upload plz ;P

tsunami334 responds:

I have failed in finding them, I'll be sure to tell you or upload if I find one


2009-06-21 00:31:20

code lyoko song
that would be epic 8bit if it isn't already, i haven't found one yet though

tsunami334 responds:

Made it today sorry for late response hope this is good enough. isten/255454


2009-07-04 22:58:09

Dude, I have over 1134 songs on my iTunes, I'll find you a SHITLOAD of songs to keep you busy, kay?